LGC Awards Finalist

Good Food Barnsley is delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for the public/private partnership category for the LGC Awards this year. This is wonderful news, and we are thrilled to be amongst a number of others this year who applied. This year saw a record number of applications submitted for the awards, so we’re thrilled to have made it as a finalist. The LGC celebrates excellence in local government, and Good Food Barnsley is phenomenally proud to have Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council as one of our key stakeholders and partners. We recognise the tremendous impact that having a local council so switched on to the issues surrounding food insecurity, and we look forward to continuing to work alongside the council to improve the lives of Barnsley citizens.

Good Food Barnsley is working hard on a number of new initiatives, and 2022 is set to be our most exciting year yet, with the launch of our first enhanced community food hub, Storehouse & Field, and our Healthy Holidays provision pilot set to take place next week.

LGC editor Nick Golding said: “Those recognised by being shortlisted for the LGC Awards 2022 have worked tirelessly and innovatively to find new ways of supporting their communities through difficult times. All too often the work of local public servants is underappreciated. However, the LGC Awards offer a unique opportunity to celebrate their achievements – and the current period of pandemic recovery, uncertain financial conditions and the cost-of-living crisis means the value of skilled and hard-working council staff has never been higher.”

We’re set to attend the awards event in July this year in London, and couldn’t be prouder of ourselves and those we work with as we continue in our work to achieve a better Barnsley where everyone has the right to the food they need to thrive.