Storehouse & Field

At the heart of the work of Good Food Barnsley is the desire to build a better Barnsley where everyone has the right to the food they need to thrive. Storehouse & Field is the first key piece of innovation to come out of the network, opening this Spring. It is intended as a community led project for the people of Shafton and the surrounding areas. It is, essentially, an affordable food club that supports people experiencing moderate food insecurity.1

Storehouse & Field is a membership scheme that enables people who sign up to gain access to a well stocked and vibrant pantry full of fresh, ambient and frozen food for just £6.00 a week. Paid in monthly instalments, membership also gives access to a range of activities and workshops, recipes and resources, use of our cafe, Coffee & Cake, and the opportunity to become a part of a thriving network of likeminded individuals.

Food should be enjoyed, and the enjoyment of food should be a right, not a privilege only afforded to a few. It’s about so much more than fuel for the body, and it can be a real source of joy, whatever your preferences. Storehouse & Field seeks to celebrate food in its many forms, providing inspiration using new and exciting foods, and offering a fresh take on old favourites too.

We understand the importance of healthy eating and nutrition, and we also believe in giving people the choice to make their own consumption choices. The more limited a person’s finances are, the more limiting the possibilities of food can become, and so we want to ensure that, regardless of a person’s economic status, they are able to enjoy good food and all that comes with it. That means being able to try new foods in a low risk way, exposure to new recipe ideas and inspiration, and being able to access a vibrant local food network that is both affordable and more sustainable.

What’s really important is that we’re here to support the local community in setting and achieving goals set by the community itself. This is a model where those who join the scheme actually become Partners, and help to grow and develop the direction of the Hub as they see fit, informed by the needs of the community, and we support in that.

Perhaps exacerbated by the pandemic, recent years have seen many communities experience a loss of confidence at both an individual and societal level, with many unsure where to turn for support. The reduction, and in some cases the loss, of convening spaces within communities has intensified feelings of isolation, and many have been left feeling out of touch with their local community and goings on. This leaves the possibilities for positive community action limited. The Storehouse & Field hub is intended as a space for the local community to make positive social change in the area.

As a project, we put 90% of the membership fees back into running the Hub, and a further 10% goes into a community pot, which Partners can determine how best to spend in order to benefit the community. That might mean funding a cooking workshop, a community lunch, a fair, or another type of event – the possibilities are vast. Our role is to support and facilitate the community led vision, and we’re really looking forward to working with our Partners to make good things happen!

Good Food Barnsley has now relocated its main offices to reside within the Storehouse & Field Hub in Shafton. This is to make sure that we’re available more easily for discussions with the local residents and to really embed all of the positive work that is happening in the area of food access and participation. You can get in touch with us to find out more, and we really encourage you to do so. Email us at

1Moderate food insecurity is, in essence, a term used to describe people who are “just about getting by”. It might mean, in the run up to pay day, that they need to reduce the quality and/or the quantity of food coming into the home as they try to ensure ends meet.